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We have gathered some of your questions about Shoployal, and answered them to give you a better understanding of what we do. If you don’t find what you look for here, please ask us on social media, or send us an email to

Users FAQ
What is Shoployal?

Shoployal is a Mobile Application, available on Android and iOS. It tracks your visit based loyalty automatically. You are going to receive offers from stores in our system, based on how loyal you are. Just keep your phone in your pocket!

How can I use Shoployal?

After you download our app, there is nothing left to do. Just go out, do your usuall shopping and be amazed by the offers you receive. It’s all personal, all just for you, based on your loyalty and preferences.

What is visit based loyalty?

Shoployal tracks your visits, instead of your spending. Once the app is on your phone, you are safe. Your loyalty will grow every time you step in a store (max 1 per day) and it will always be with you. You won’t lose it.

What can I do with my loyalty?

Your loyalty will determine the offers you receive. The more loyal you are to a shop (the more you visit a store) the better the offers get.

Where can I use Shoployal?

For a full list see our webpage. It is growing every day, as we are adding more and more stores where you can use Shoployal.

Why is Shoployal free?

Shoployal is free for the users, and will always be. Retailers are being charged a very small fee, to keep the app free for you.

What is an SL ID?

When you install the app, it will automatically generate an SL ID for you. This will be your “name” if you like. Every offer, and your own loyalty will be tied to this ID, so please write it down, and keep it safe. You can find it in Settings – Show ID. If you buy a new phone, you can install Shoployal and type in your SL ID during the installation process. That’s all your data safe and synchronized.

How am I protected?

We don’t require your email, or name or anything else, other than your age and gender. Your SL ID will be you “name” to make sure you are anonymous, yet receiving something personal. Nobody will annoy you with emails or anything like that.

Will I receive notifications from everyone?

Of course you won’t! By default, you can receive offers from every store but you can (and should) change your preferences in Settings, to receive offers only from the categories you are interested, or from the shops you really like. It’s that easy! The control is in your hands!

How to turn off auto Wi-Fi switch? (Android only)

For accurate visit based loyalty measure, Shoployal will turn on your Wi-Fi automatically. You can of course turn it off in Settings. In this case you will get a notification every time it is required.

What is the QR code for? (iOS only)

We have implemented a Check In option on iOS where you can scan aQR code with the Shoployal logo in store to make sure you receive your loyalty. Don't worry, it is a a temporary solution due to some iPhone limitations. 

Look for the QR code sticker with the Shoployal logo in your favourite store, press "Check In" in the menu and scan the code.
Business FAQ
How can I join?

Just drop us an email to We are going to visit your store and explain everything to you. It can all be set up in 5 minutes, and you don’t need any device or installation.

What does Shoployal do for me?

Shoployal can track visit based loyalty for you. You can reward your own customers, and get new ones with sending personalized offers straight to their phone when they pass by your store.

Why it is beneficial to be part of Shoployal?

Shoployal provides information to the users about your store, location, opening times, webpage details. It can also plan their journey there. What’s more, you will have your own web page to analyse and track anonymous data, to know who is around, what should you offer etc.

What do I get when I join?

Your store(s) will appear on Shoployal’s built in map, with all your details. You will get a platform to get to know your users better. You will get an automatic loyalty system, which tracks your users visit. You will also get a channel to communicate with your customers, and a lot more. Drop us an email to

Why is Shoployal better?

Retailers don’t need any external devices. Customers don’t need to sign up, carry plastic cards or present their phones at the till. Our approach is simple and streamlined.

How visit based loyalty is different?

We track visit based loyalty. Not spending. Without any sign up or login. Which means that your customers can start to receive loyalty right on their first visit. They don’t have to fill out forms, and carry plastic cards. They don’t even have to touch their phones. This is how we are different.

How much do I pay?

We currently offer a 1 month free trial. And even after that, based on the traffic around you, we can agree on an individual pricing. It all depends on what you need. We have different packages for sending offers, getting data, or get unlimited access.

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